Montserrat 3 (Streatham Estate)

7th Nov 1836 | 69 Enslaved | £1257 8s 5d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 319.

T71/888: claim by William Dardis Furlonge etc., as executors of Dudley Semper (PROB 11/1836: will of Dudley Semper, of Montserrat, dated 13/09/1834). Counterclaim from Harriet Semper, of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, a widow, as an annuitant and residuary legatee under the will of the late Michael Joseph Semper. Counterclaim from Emma, the wife of Walter Shoy [sp?], now in Paris, France, for a portion of the compensation money for her dower. Counterclaim from Thos. and John Daniel, of Mincing Lane, merchants, as creditors of Michael Joseph Semper and D. Semper, for £10,000 and upwards.

T71/1610: letter, dated 08/03/1836, from Thos. Daniel & Sons, stating that they have counterclaimed on a score of debt owing to them, and that the counterclaim has been admitted. William Dardis Furlonge and others have signed a consent to our receiving the compensation money; but the arrangement has impeded by a counterclaim from Emma Shoy for dower, 'which counterclaim is so manifestly vexatious that we entertain the strongest hopes that HM commissioners will strike it off...the counterclaimant's husband is alive and well, and that therefore she is not entitled to dower, and also... negroes in Montserrat are by Law chattel property, and consequently not dowerable'.

Times 27/06/1848 p. 2: account of Lord Bentinck's attack on the Government's presentation of West Indian problems and the shielding of information. Bentinck cites the Blue Book from Montserrat: the late Mr Dudley Semper's estates were rated in a levy bill at £27,700, lately sold for £295 to the mortagagee, whose claim amounted to £11,000.

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Streatham Estate

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