Antigua 103 (Cassada Garden)

13th Feb 1836 | 197 Enslaved | £2856 18s 11d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 309. Shown as two claims, both no. 103.


The second claim is dated 28/03/1836.


The award was split equally: £1428 9s 5.5d to James Trecothick & J. H. Roper; and the same amount to Langford Redwood.


T71/877: claim by Abraham Redwood (of 7 Middlesex Place, New Road, according to Times 13/01/1821 p. 1) and Langford Redwood, owner-in-fee.


Counterclaim from James Trecothick and J.H. Roper, of the City of London, merchants and co-partners, Wm. Coles, of the same place, and Francis Thwaites, of Woburn Place, Middlesex, as mortgagees for £2358 2s.


Admitted by Abraham Redwood for one moiety of the compensation.


Langford Redwood, of no. 33 York Crescent, Clifton, Gloucestershire, also counterclaimed on Abraham Redwood's moiety.



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Cassada Garden

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