John Bent

Company Role

Arigna Iron and Coal Mining Co.

Mining (Coal, Iron, Minerals)

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Firm Notes

Established 1825 to exploit iron, coal and other minerals in and around Arigna in the counties of Roscommon and Leitrim, Ireland by means of the establishment of a joint stock company and the "highly beneficial . . . Introduction of English capital into Ireland". (Quotation from the Bill establishing the company.)

Subject to Parliamentary debate, 1825-1827. The company connected with the Equitable Loan Company [q.v.]. The subject of a Parlt. Enquiry resulting from claims of corruption among the directors. See biographical notes on John Bent MP for some details.

For the Parliamentary enquiry see the Select Committee 1827.

Firm Sources

An Act to encourage the working of Mines in Ireland by means of English Capital, and to regulate a Joint Stock Company for that Purpose, to be called 'The Arigna Iron and Coal Company'. [22nd June 1825.] (6 Geo. IV, cap. Clxxxi); Hansard; PP1826-27 (234) Report from the Select Committee on the Arigna Mining Company, PP1826-27 (234) III.