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Wallace Hunter

West India merchant?

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Firm Notes

  1. The late James Hunter of Hafton ceased to be a partner in the following mercantile concerns at the period of his death 2nd February 1834: the Gourock Ropework Co., Wallace Hunter and Company; the Greenock Bank Company; the Shaws Water Company; the Castles Steam-Boat Company; the Monkland Canal company; Robertson, Hunter & Company. Signed by James Hunter, executor and general disponee.   


  1. Dissolution of co-partnery of Robert Wallace and James Tasker, under the firm of Wallace Hunter and Company; subscriber Jas. Tasker will pay and receive all debts due (1849).  

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette 19499 30/5/1837 p. 1377 (extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette of 19/5/1837)


  1. London Gazette 20948 23/2/1849 p. 557 (extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette of 20/2/1849)