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Raikes & Co.


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Firm Notes

  1. RBS archive show Job Matthew Raikes (1767-1833) as partner in Raikes & Co., London bankers, and 'also related to Isaac Currie, senior partner in Curries & Co., bankers of London'.  Raikes was one of the executors (and also a trustee of the estate) of the will of Nathaniel Bayly (1726-98) whose daughter Charlotte Bayly Raikes had married; Thomas Raikes the Rake (1777-1848) m. Sophia Maria, another daughter of Nathaniel Bayly, in 1802.

  2. Partnership of Job Mathew Raikes, Thomas Raikes, Richard Mee Raikes and John Finch Mason of London Wall merchants, carrying on trade under firm of W and T Raikes and Co., was dissolved by mutual consent 31/3/1818 as to JFMason.  Job Mathew Raikes withdrew 29/3/1829.  The firm, by then comprising only Thomas and Richard Mee Raikes, failed in 1834.

Firm Sources

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