Charles Horsfall

Firm Investment

Charles Horsfall & Sons

General overseas merchant

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Firm Notes

  1. Partnership between George Bainbridge and Charles Horsfall of Liverpool dissolved 31 ult. (i.e. December 31 1812)

  2. Not clear when Charles Horsfall and Sons was founded but probably 1820-30. Gore’s 1824 Directory, business address given as Horsfall Charles & Co. merchts. & ship owners at 1, Exchange Buildings.

  3. Directory entries for 1851-1872 have been derived from the Mercantile Liverpool project database. We are grateful to W.R. Lee and Adrian Jarvis for sight of their database.

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette 16696 19/1/1813 p. 170

  2. 1824 Baines' Liverpool Name Directory: