Benjamin Brown

Partnership Role

Robert & Benjamin Brown
Name partner

General overseas merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Partnership  between Thomas Brown, Charles Rogers, Robert Brown and Benjamin Brown of Cheapside, merchants and drapers expired by effluxion of time 31/12/1812, since carried on by Robert Brown and Benjamin Brown for their own account, under firm R&B Brown.

  2. Retirement 31/12/1837 of Benjamin Clarkson from Robert & Benjamin Brown and Company of Cheapside, merchants and warehousemen, leaving R, B & Charles Brown.

  3. Partnership carried on by the undersigned with Robert Brown now deceased as Merchants at No. 157 Cheapside dissolved 24/6/1847 by mutual consent.  Undersigned =  Benj. Brown, Chas Brown, and then (possibly separately as executors of Robert Brown) Edw. Brown, Henry J Brown, Saml. Harper .

Firm Sources

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