Colin Campbell

Partnership Role

Campbell, Rivers & Co.
Name partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

The business carried on by the subscribers at Glasgow under the firm of Campbell Rivers & Co., at Liverpool under the firm of Colin and John Campbell and Co., and at Kingston under the firm of Dennistouns, Scheviz & Co., and at New Orleans...under the name of Dennistouns, Bosworth & Co., was terminated in consequence of the expiry of the contract of Copartnery [on 31st October 1821 for Kingston and New Orleans, 31st December 1821 for Glasgow and Liverpool].  All debts due to and by the Company will be discharged by Colin Campbell or George Scheviz. The firms of Campbell, Rivers and Co., in Glasgow and Dennistouns, Scheviz in Jamaica are continued by Richard Dennistoun, Geroge Scheviz and George Campbell, in conjunction with George Alston and Robert Douglas Alston.  Subscribers  = Colin Campbell, Richard Dennistoun, Colin M'Lachlan; James Dennistoun jun., by his attorney Richard Dennistoun; Geo. Scheviz, Robert Dennistoun; George Campbell, William Bosworth by their attorney Geo. Scheviz; James Buchanan, jun., John Campbell.        

Firm Sources

London Gazette 17807 9/4/1822 p. 601