John Ewart of Liverpool

Partnership Role

Ewart Myers
Name partner

General overseas merchant?

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. The will of Bertie Enwisle made in 1802 and proved in 1803 specified that Black and Kemble of London and Ewart Rutson of Liverpool should continue as consignees of his West Indian estate.

  2. Partnership between William Ewart, William Carlton [Calton] Rutson, Archibald Maxwell, William Taylor and William Myers at Liverpool under the firm Ewart Rutson dissolved 30/4/1812 as far as respects Archibald Maxwell. 

  3. Partnership between John Ewart, William Taylor, William Myers, Joseph Christopher Ewart and John Myers, as General merchants, in London as Ewart, Taylor and Company and between JE WM, JCE and JM in Liverpool as Ewart Myers as General brokers expired on 30/4/1838; subsequent partnership between WT, WM, JCE and WM at London expired 31/10/1838; partnership between WM, JCE JM and Jacque Myers determined as far as concerns JCE 31/10/1838 [dated 27/5/1843] 

  4. Co-partnership between John Ewart deceased, William Myers,  William Taylor, Joseph Christopher Ewart and John Myers under the firm of Ewart Myers and Company was determined on 29/4/1837 so far as regarded William Taylor who retired therefrom [dated 7/6/1843]   

Firm Sources

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