John Henry Roper

Partnership Role

Trecothick & Roper
Name partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Partnership of Francis Thwaites and Charles Apthorp Wheelwright which had operated since 30/4/1806 dissolved 1/7/1811, carried on by Francis Thwaites alone. Wheelwright was bankrupt the same month.


  1. Partnership between Francis Thwaites, James Trecothick the younger and John Henry Roper as West India merchants under the firm of Thwaites, Trecothick and Company dissolved 30/4/1831 so far as respects the said Francis Thwaites: continued by James Trecothick jun and John Henry Roper

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette 16500 29/6/1811 p. 1208; 16504 13/7/1811 p. 1307.


  1. London Gazette 18801 6/5/1831 p. 879.