Eden Colvile

Partnership Role

Wedderburn, Webster
Name partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. In 1796, the existing partners John Wedderburn and David Webster added Sir David Wedderburn as a third partner with a 1/6th partnership interest. In 1798 Andrew Colvile was admitted. David Webster died in 1801. In 1810 James Wedderburn and Alexander Seaton [sic] were admitted as partners. Sir David Wedderburn retired in 1815, and John Wedderburn died in 1821, whereupon the second John Wedderburn was taken in as a partner.

  2. Dissolution by mutual consent of partnership as West India merchants under the firm of Colvile Wedderburn & Co., between Andrew Colvile, James Wedderburn, Alex. Seton and John Wedderburn 1 May 1830; continued by Colvile and Seton as Colvile & Co.    

Firm Sources

  1. Wedderburn v Wedderburn, Reports of Cases Argued..in the Several Courts of Law and Equity in England during the year 1839, (1840) Vol. II pp. 52-58.

  2. London Gazette 18687 4/6/1830 p. 1108