John Moss

Partnership Role

Moss Dales & Rogers
Senior partner


No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Founded in 1807 as Moss, Dales and Rogers at 4 Exchange Buildings by John Moss (q.v.), Moss' brother-in-laws Roger Newton Dale (d. 1809)  and George Edward Dale (d. 1815), and Edward Rogers, a Liverpool merchant and insurance broker.  The bank became Moss, Dale, Rogers & Moss in September 1811 when John Moss's younger brother Henry Moss became a partner; and Moss, Rogers & Moss in after George Dale's death and subsequently by 1826 Moss & Co.  

Firm Sources

  1. Graham Trust, John Moss of Otterspool (1782-1858) Railway Pioneer - Slave Owner - Banker (Milton Keynes, AuthorHouse, 2010) pp. 83-6, p.94.