James Carson

Partnership Role

Simpson, Taylor & Co.
Other partner

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes


London Gazette20395 18/10/1844 p. 3574 shows the retirement of William Chrystie from Porteous Carson; the signatories as of 16 August 1844 are James Porteous, James Carson and the executors of William Chrystie.

Firm Notes

Continuation of Hibbert, Taylors & Simpson (q.v.).

  1. Dissolution of co-partnership of Taylors and Simpson of Kingston Jamaica merchants took place 31/12/1817: William Taylor, Robert Taylor, James Simpson

  2. The co-partnership of Simpson, Taylor & Co., dissolved 31/12/1833 by mutual consent. Signed by James Simpson, Simon Taylor, Wm Chrystie at Kingston Jamaica 19/3/1834.

  3. The partnership of William Chrystie, James Porteous and James Carson was dissolved 31/12/1843.

Firm Sources

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