John Higgin

Firm Investment

Imperial Fire

Insurance (Insurance)


Held 4 £500 shares in 'Imperial Fire and Life' at the time of making his will [proved 1826] in 1825.

Firm Notes

  1. Committee established by subscribers 15th December 1802 called Feb 18 1803 for remaining deposit (£9 per cent, to add to original deposit of £1 per cent) from the subscribers:

Thos. Plummer

Rob. Milligan

Richard Lee

Thomas Hughan

Edw. Kemble

T. Gowland

Ja. Timperon

John Smith

Henry Davidson

  1. General Court of Proprietors convened 4/1/1837 to elect 4 directors and one auditor in room of those going out of office and to elect an auditor in place of Alexander Seton, resigned.

  2. Board of Directors 1862 (21 in number) included Charles Cave, George William Cottam, George Hibbert (= jun.), Samuel Hibbert

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette [1803 p. 190]

  2. London Gazette 19449 16/12/1836 p. 2584

  3. Wellington Independent 28 Poututerangi 1862 p. 2 Col. 2

Further Information

Share Amount
£ 2000