James Dennistoun of Golfhill

Partnership Role

Buchanan, Steven
Name partner

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

Glasgow West India merchant

  1. Glasgow January 1 1784. The partnership between George Crawford, Alexander Brown, Robert Dinwiddie, Andrew Buchanan jun., James Dennistoun jun. and Moses Steven, carried on under the firm of Buchanan Steven & Co. was this day by mutual consent dissolved.' The business to be carried on under Buchanan, Steven & Co. by Andrew Buchanan jun., James Dennistoun jun. and Moses Steven.

  2. Glasgow, December 23, 1807. The Business carried on here by the Subscribers, since the Year 1796, under the Firm of Buchanan, Steven and Co. was dissolved on the 1st March 1806.—James Buchanan, Stephen Rowan, and David Laird, or any one of them, are authorised to settle all Debts due to or owing by the Company. Andrew Buchanan; James Dennistoun; Moses Steven; Ja. Buchanan; George Wilson; Arch. Buchanan; Stephen Rowan; William Duff; David Laird; Geo. Macheath; Thomas Thomson; Will. Williamson.

  3. '[Extract from the Edinburgh Gazette of March 18, 1836.] NOTICE. Glasgow, April 27, 1835. The business carried on in Glasgow, under the firm of Buchanan, Brown, and Company, in Rio de Janeiro, under the firm of Brown, Watson, and Company, and at Buenos Ayres, under the firm of Brown, Buchanan, and Company, is dissolved, the contract of Copartnership having expired on the 1st day of Match 1826. Messrs. James Buchanan and James G. Watson are authorised to use the different firms in liquidation. Ja. Buchanan. David Laird. Alex. Stevenson. Benjn Buchanan. James Dennistoun, Executor for the late James Dennistoun, of Dennistoun. J. G. Watson.

  4. A Fiat in Bankruptcy is awarded and issued forth against Benjamin Buchanan and David Laird, of Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, Merchants {carrying on business in partnership with George Dennistoun and Robert Baird, both of the city of NewYork, Merchants, at Liverpool aforesaid, under the firm of Buchanan, Laird, and Company, and at Glasgow, under the firm of David Laird and Co.).

Firm Sources

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