Duncan Davidson senior

Partnership Role

Davidsons Barkly & Co.
Senior partner

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)


Originally junior partner in Chandler & Davidson and then senior partner in Davidson & Graham

Firm Notes

  1. Davidson & Graham = Henry Davidson and Charles Graham of Drynie, Black Isle (d. 16/3/1806), who was the uncle of planter Francis Graham of Tulloch estate.  Previously, the estate belonged to Henry Davidson and Rev. Dr George Chandler [an earlier partnership of Henry Davidson had been Chandler & Davidson]  

  2. Dissolution of partnership of Henry Davidson, Henry Barkly, William Davidson 31/5/1843 [sic]

Firm Sources

  1. Email Mary Mill to Nick Draper 28/4/2010 on R.D. Clunie and Henry Lowndes 

  2. London Gazette 20412 22/11/1844 p. 4583 (p. 23 of 40)  

See also Fisher (ed.), The House of Commons 1820-1832, vol. 5, pp. 862-3: entry for Duncan Davidson.