John Wilson of Liverpool

Partnership Role

Gladstone, Grant & Wilson
Name partner

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. John Gladstone and Grant, formed with new articles 1812 as a separate house trading to the West Indies and Brazil, was reformed 01/01/1819 with the advent of John Wilson (formerly in Demerara) as the third partner. Gladstone put in £120,000, Grant £18,000 and Wilson £15,000: profits were split 3/5th; 1/5th; 1/5th.

  2. Dissolution of co-partnership of John Gladstone, George Grant, and John Wilson under the name of Gladstone, Grant and Wilson at Liverpool 31/08/1829, merchants, counting house at Union-square. [The new partnership embraced John Gladstone, George Grant and Robertson Gladstone, with capital of £100,000 from John Gladstone and £20,00 each from the other two, with profits split 5/7ths; 1/7th;1/7th).

  3. Dissolution of partnership of George Grant, Robertson Gladstone and Archibald Kelso as merchants at Liverpool under the firm of Gladstone & Co.

Firm Sources

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