Thomas Dunlop Douglas

Partnership Role

Douglas, Gallaway

West India merchant - British Guiana (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Dissolution of the co-partnership in Demerara and Berbice trading under firm of Douglas, Gallaway 30th June last [i.e. 1819]. John Douglas; Arch. Douglas; Thos. D. Douglas; Colin Douglas; Andw. Gallaway 'for myself and as attorney for W. Campbell and George Lawson' [together, the partners in Demerary].

  2. Colin Douglas, of the late firm of Douglas, Galloway [sic] and Co., advertised for creditors on Letter Kenny estate, situate on the Corentyn coast, to come forward in 1824.

Firm Sources

  1. Edinburgh Gazette 2778, 11/02/1820 p. 46.

  2. London Gazette17989 03/01/1824 p. 14.