Eneas Mackintosh

Partnership Role

Rickards, Little
Name partner

East India merchant (Colonial)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Aeneas Mackintosh retired and John Rate, his nephew, joined Robert Rickards, Robt. Dent, and Browne Roberts in Rickards Mackintosh at the end of 1831.

  2. By September 1833, the firm had failed: an announcement appeared calling a creditors' meeting following the advice of 'the Inspectors' and headed 'Affairs of Rickards Mackintosh'. The partnership of Robert Rickards, Browne Roberts and John Rate was dissolved as of 31/12/1835.

  3. William Little and J[oseph] Theo[philus] Mitchell then appear as trustees distributing dividends

  4. The partnership  of William Little, Browne Roberts and Joseph Theophilus Mitchell as merchants and East India agents trading under the firm Rickards, Little & Company of 15 Bishopsgate Street was dissolved so far as Roberts and Mitchell were concerned 31/12/1841  

Failed 1847-8

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