William McDowall II

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Ship Bank
Founding partner

Banker (Banking)

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Firm Notes

Glasgow banking firm founded in 1749, predecessor firm of Lloyds (via HBOS and Bank of Scotland). 'The founders were William Macdowall of Castle Semple; Andrew Buchanan of Drumpellier; Allan Dreghorn of Ruchill (a former bailie of Glasgow); Colin Dunlop (son of James Dunlop of Garnkirk, a former bailie and future Lord Provost of Glasgow); Robert Dunlop (brother of Colin); and Alexander Houston.' Merged 1836 with Glasgow Banking Company to create the Glasgow and Ship Bank, which was then acquired by Union Bank of Scotland.

The bank was known as Carrick Brown from 1789.

NB Douglas Hamilton show the Ship Bank as wound up in 1775 and a new firm of the same name founded in 1776, with neither Houstoun nor MacDowall involved in the second firm.

Firm Sources


Douglas Hamilton’s ‘Scottish Trading in the Caribbean: The Rise and Fall of Houstoun & Co.’, in Ned C. Landsman (ed), Nation and Province in the First British Empire: Scotland and the Americas, 1600-1800 (Bucknell University Press, 2001), pp. 99-100.