William Miles

Partnership Role

Miles Bank

Banker (Banking)


Eric Williams noted that William Miles 'bought a leading partnership in the old banking house of Vaughan and Barker', later the Miles Bank.


Capitalism & Slavery p. 101

Firm Notes

  1. Dissolution of partnership between P.J. Miles, John S[candrett] Harford, A[braham] G[ray] Harford Battersby, [Sir] Rich[ar]d. Vaughan, Wm Miles, Thos K[ington] Bayly in the business of bankers at Bristol

  2. The London Gazette in 1844 showed the firm trading as the Bristol Bank and the partners as Philip John Miles, John Scandrett Harford, Abraham Gray, Harford Battersby, Thos Kington Bayly and John William Miles



Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette 18527 28/11/1828 p. 2212

  2. London Gazette 20381 10/09/1844 p. 3127