Mark Davis senior

Partnership Role

Philip & George Protheroe
Name partner

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

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Firm Notes

  1. NB this firm had its roots in Davis, Protheroe & Claxton, formed in 1783 by Mark Davis jr, Philip Protheroe [senior] and Robert Claxton after the death of Mark Davis senior, who had established a partnership with his former apprentice Philip Protheroe c. 1768.  In 1796 Philip's son Edward joined, and the firm was known as Protheroes and Claxton.  In 1808 both Protheroes, father and son, according to Morgan, retired from trade: Edward by this time was MP for Bristol. However, Philip Protheroe [senior] died in 1803 and Edward was not MP until 1812. The firm became Protheroe & Savage and then Philip and George Protheroe.


  1. Dissolution of partnership between Philip and George Protheroe, West India merchants, 1836.


  1. Fiat in bankruptcy issued versus Philip Protheroe and Mark Davis Protheroe of Bristol, West India Merchants 24/6/1843

Firm Sources

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