Thomas Hinde

Partnership Role

Hinde, Brancker, Carus and Hadwen
Name partner


No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Partnership between Thomas Hinde, Peter Whitfield Brancker, Roger Carus and William Hadwen in the spinning of worsted at Dolphinholme in Wyesrdale Lancashire was dissolved 01/01/1801 as far as Roger Carus is concerned.

  2. The partnership between Thomas Hinde, P.W. Brancker and William Hinde, worsted spinners of Dolphinholme trading as Thomas Hinde, Son & Co. was dissolved 01/06/1805.

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette, 15905 29 March 1806 p. 412

  2. London Gazette 15842 10 September 1805 p. 1158