William Rhodes Mountague

Partnership Role

Ralph Mountague and Son

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. Dissolution of the partnership between Ralph Montague the elder and Ralph Montague the younger West India merchants at Bristol under Ralph Montague & Son, to be continued by Ralph Montague jun. in co-partnership with one of his sons 01/08/1818.

  2. Dissolution of the partnership between Ralph Mountague the younger, William Rhodes Mountague of Bristol and Ralph Bernard Mountague of Montego Bay, in the business of West India merchant, under the name of Ralph Mountague jun. and Sons, 01/05/1820 by the retirement of Ralph Bernard Mountague.

Firm Sources

  1. London Gazette 17385 04/04/1818 p. 1402.

  2. London Gazette 17614 11/07/1820 p. 1366