Robert Lang

Partnership Role

Chauncy, Lang
Name partner

West India merchant (Colonial - Caribbean)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. This firm grew out of George Baillie & co. (q.v.) whose partners other than George Baillie (i.e. Robert Lang, John Turing, Nathaniel Snell and Lord Reay) traded between 1800 and 1805 under the firm Lang, Turing & Co., as West India merchants.  On May 1 1805 Nathaniel Snell and Lord Reay retired, Robert Lang and John Turing continuing.

  2. In 1808 the partners in the firm, then known as Lang Turing were Robert Lang and John Gilbert Francklyn.  

  3. P.M. Lucas, partner with N. S Chauncy and C. P. Lang in Chauncy, Lucas and Lang, died on or about 27/11/1830. 

  4. Nathaniel Snell Chauncy and Nathaniel Bannerman Chauncy t/a/ Chauncy & Son (39 Wilson St. Finsbury) dissolved 18/10/1843.

  5. C. P. Lang (of Lang & Lang) late of Wilson St and Frensham d. December 1842

  6. Charles Snell Chauncy 'formerly of Austin Friars and then of Theobalds Herts', identified as son of William Snell (1719-4 February 1779, merchant of Austin Friars trading with the West Indies) and of Martha, daughter of Charles Chauncey, married his cousin Amelia, daughter of Nathaniel Chauncey, died 6 July 1809, left £125,000

Firm Sources

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