Matthew Towgood banker of Clements Lane

Partnership Role

Rogers, Towgood, Olding & Co.

Banker (Banking)


Partner in Langston, Towgood, which later merged with Rogers, Olding Rogers in 1811.

Firm Notes

  1. Langston, Polhill, Towgood and Amory began 1777 at 29 Clements Lane. In 1811 it amalgamated with Rogers, Olding and Rogers. The combined firm in 1866 transferred tis business to the English Joint Stock Bank, which stopped payment in the same year.

  2. Partnership between John Langston, John Towgood, Thomas Boycott and Samuel Forester as bankers in Clements Lane dissolved by mutual consent. 

  3. Co-partnership between Samuel Rogers, John Towgood, Henry Rogers, John Arnold, Stephen Olding, Thos. Boycott dissolved 24/12/1814 as far as relates to John Arnold. 

  4. Clements Lane 24/12/1836. We hereby declare that the partnership hitherto subsisting between Saml. Rogers, John Towgood, Stephen Olding , Charles Towgood, Samuel Sharpe and William Boycott, bankers in London is this day dissolved so far as regards Mr Charles Towgood and we hereby authorise insertion thereof in the London Gazette [signed by all Charles Towgood, for whom John Towgood per procuration of Charles Towgood, appears]

Firm Sources

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