Samuel Baker

Partnership Role

Baker Phillpotts
Name partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

1.Partnership of Henry Glover, Thomas Phillpotts and Samuel Baker of 144 Leadenhall St, trading as Henry Glover & Co., dissolved as far as relates to Thomas Philpotts and Samuel Baker 1/1/1831

  1. Co-partnership of Samuel Baker, Phillpotts & Co., dissolved 1844, carried on by Samuel Baker, William Meade de Charms and Samuel White Baker under firm of Samuel Baker & Co. At the same time, on 9/7/1844 the partnership of Thomas Phillpotts and Abraham Hodgson Phillpotts of Gloucester, corn and general provision merchants, was also broken up.

  2. Samuel White Baker left partnership 31/12/1847

  3. Dissolution 1857  of Samuel Baker & Co. 147 Leadenhall St. Between Sam Baker and A. Steele as far as concerns the said Samuel Baker

Firm Sources

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