Philip John Miles

Partnership Role

Bristol Brass Wire and Copper Co.
Other partner

Brassworks (Metallurgical)

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. In late 1786 or early 1787 the firm was reconstituted as Harfords and Bristol Brass and Copper Company, dominated by the Harfords, and the Dickinsons and probably other shareholders were bought out.

  2. The surviving partners of 'Mark Harford and Brass Wire Co.' in 1805 were listed [in 1872] as John Fisher Weare, Edward Harford, Joseph Harford, William Battersley, John Scandrett Harford, Thomas Walker and Abraham Ludlow.

  3. Withdrawal of Sir Richard Vaughan from his partnership with Samuel Lloyd Harford, P.J.Miles, John Scandrett Harford, Charles Ludlow Walker, William Miles, William Henry Harford, and Thomas Kington in the trades or business of Brass and Brass-battery, and Wiremakers, and Manufacturers, Spelter-makers and Copper manufacturers at Bristol under Harfords and Bristol Brass and Copper Company 28/11/1828  

Firm Sources

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