Quintin Hogg


Regent Street Polytechnic Founder member

1838: The Polytechnic Institution opened at 309 Regent Street on 6th August 1838, under the chairmanship of the distinguished scientist Sir George Cayley. Its aim was to demonstrate new technologies and inventions to the public. The Polytechnic played a significant role in the popularisation of science, and became a major tourist attraction in Victorian London.1841: The name changed to The Royal Polytechnic Institution when Prince Albert became Patron.1881: The Royal Polytechnic closed in 1881.1882: Quintin Hogg purchased 309 Regent Street.1891: The Polytechnic became publicly funded, and was named Regent Street Polytechnic. The first Board of Governors was created.1970: By 1970 Regent Street Polytechnic merged with Holborn College of Law, Languages and Commerce to form the Polytechnic of Central London (PCL).1992: Becomes the University of Westminster.Source: [University of Westminster].

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