Martha Bersheba Sober (née Middleton)


Portrait of Surgeon-General David Middleton

In her will proved in 1797, Martha Bersheba Sober left a portrait of her father by Gainsborough to Mrs Eliz. Middleton of Kensington Palace. This portrait is almost certainly that of David Middleton, surgeon to George III, which is in the Cincinnati Museum and of which a later mezzotint by George Sanders is in the National Portrait Gallery. There have been efforts to re-identify the sitter as J.C. Bach.

NPG D38403 [accessed 08/10/2016]; Joan S. Reis, 'A third Gainsborough portrait of Johannes Christian Bach?', Musical Quarterly (1990) 74 (2) pp. 295-302; [accessed 09/10/2016].

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