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Portrait of Mrs John Allnutt

Portrait of Mrs John Allnutt [Elizabeth Douce Garthwaite], by Thomas Lawrence (1798, with addition of a child c. 1803). One of several portaits of John Allnutt's family by Lawrence, at least two others of which show Elizabeth Douce Garthwaite.


KENNETH GARLICK The Volume of the Walpole Society Vol. 39, A catalogue of the paintings, drawings and pastels of Sir Thomas Lawrence (1962-1964), pp. 3-5, 7, 9-11, 13-336. p. 17 'ALLNUTT, Mrs John (d. 1810) and her daughter ANNA (1801-1828). Elizabeth, daughter of John Douce Garthwaite, 1st wife of John Allnutt. R.A. 1798 (30) as Portrait of Mrs Allnutt . 96 x 58. Walking in a stretch of country, looking r.; white, short- sleeved dress, head-scarf; she holds a small girl by the 1. hand. The child was added c. 1803. Lt.-Cdr . H. Sydney Egerton. See previous entry. Engr. line, C. Rolls, as The Morning Walk , for The Amulet, 1828. Exh. Brighton, 195 1 (6). Lit. Gower, p. 104; Armstrong, p. 108 ; Garlick, p. 24.'

p. 211 'ALLNUTT, Mrs John (d. 1810). Elizabeth, daughter of John Douce Garthwaite, m. John c. 1795-1800. 8f X 7. Black and red pencil slightly washed. Seated, facing, in short-sle tied by ribbons under the chin. San Marino , California. Henry E. Huntington Art Gallery . Bought by Gilbert Davis from Colnaghi, 1948, and bought for the Huntington Founda Collection. Exh. Colnaghi, April-May, 1948 (62).

p. 211 ALLNUTT family. John Allnutt (1773-1863) with his 1st wife and their daughter, A c. 1805. Size unknown. Allnutt leans over the back of a sofa on which his wife and daug Known only from a very old photograph in the possession of Vice- Admiral H. J. Ege York. The name of the sitter was inscribed on the original frame.'

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