Rt. Hon. Eric Mackay, 7th Lord Reay


Tain Royal Academy Subscriber

Tain, Ross & Cromarty, Scotland - 1807 - ????

High school, created by subscription following a meeting in Richardson's Coffee House in London in 1800. Numerous slave-owners contributed financially to the founding of the school.


The "faithful and well beloved Eric Lord Reay" was the second signatory on the Petition sent to George III seeking permission for the establishment of Tain Royal Academy in the Royal Burgh of Tain, Ross-shire in 1807. The subscribers each paid £50 or upwards towards the cost of erecting, building and endowing the school. Petition to George III for the establishment of Tain Royal Academy in 1807, facsimile of the Petition in the possession of Councillor Derek Louden.

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