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Portrait of Mrs Siddons by Thomas Lawrence

The famous portrait of Mrs Siddons by Thomas Lawrence (1804), now at the Tate, was presented to the National Gallery in 1843 by Mrs C. Fitzhugh. This was Charlotte Fitzhugh, the wife of William Fitzhugh of Banisters or Banisters Court, Southampton (MP for Tiverton 1803-1819): in William Fitzhugh's own will made in 1820 and proved in 1842, he left the portrait to his wife saying that she had purchased it with her own money and that it ought to belong to her without bequest. LBS has tentatively identified the William Fitzhugh awarded the compensation for Richmond Vale on St Vincent as the same man as William Fitzhugh of Banisters, although his path to ownership is unclear: his uncle Thomas had left the estate to his own son, also Thomas (William Fitzhugh of Banister's first cousin), in his will proved in 1800.


Presented by Mrs C. Fitzhugh 1843 https://www.tate.org.uk/art/artworks/lawrence-mrs-siddons-n00188 [accessed 15/08/2020]. She had purchased the painting before her husband William made his will in 1820: he left it to her in that will, proved in 1842.

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