Endragt and Mon Repos

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1798 [EA] - 1805 [EY] → Owner
1820 [EA] - → Mortgage Holder

The relationship with John Gladstone is not quite clear. The local press in 1820 showed a mortgage to John Gladstone by the heirs of Hamer. Checkland says that Gladstone had 'the entire management of the estates (Mon Repos and Endright [sic]) paying £8,000 annually to the various legatees).'

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£22,846 1S 1D

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[Name] De Eendragt  
[Crop] Cotton  

De Eendragt, shown as plantation no.43 under the subheading 'De Mahaica a Demerarie', proprietaire J. Hamer, 500 carreaux, C[oton]

Carte Generale...Demerarie 'Liste des habitations...' [1798] University of Amsterdam Library 'Suriname 1599-1975' http://dpc.uba.uva.nl
[Name] Mon Repos  
[Crop] Cotton  

Mon Repos, shown as plantation no. 44 under the subheading 'De Mahaica a Demerarie', proprietaire J. Hamer, 500 carreaux, C[oton]

Carte Generale...Demerarie 'Liste des habitations...' [1798] University of Amsterdam Library 'Suriname 1599-1975' http://dpc.uba.uva.nl
[Number of enslaved people] 244(Tot) 116(F) 128(M)  
[Name] Plantation Mon Repos  

Document held at the National Maritime Museum, London, MGS/24: "Plantation slave inventory, entitled, 'Inventory of Plantation Mon Repos, the property of Joseph Hamer Esquire, deceased, situated on the east coast of Demerary, taken the 1st July 1816'. It details the plantation acreage and buildings, followed by a list of the names (under 'Negroes') of 85 men, 70 women, 43 male children and 46 female children slaves, totalling 244 individuals."

Douglas Hamilton and Robert J. Blyth (eds), Representing Slavery. Art, Artifacts and Archives in the Collections of the National Maritime Museum (2007), p. 186 no. 139
[Number of enslaved people] 261(Tot) 133(F) 128(M)  
[Name] Endragt  

Registered by F. Cort exor to estate of J. Hamer.

T71/397 E3 2129
[Number of enslaved people] 242(Tot) 118(F) 124(M)  
[Name] Mon Repos  

F. Cort atty to ex. to est. of Jos Hamer

T71/397 M5 2151

At the Commissary Court of of the 3rd July 1820 will be passed, the following Transports and Mortgages:-

  1. By the representatives of Michael Greathead Hamer, one of the residuary legatees under the will of father Joseph Hamer deceased, transport of his undivided one-third of the two plantations called Eendragt and Mon Repos, situate on the east coast of the river Demerary, now cultivated as one estate, with all the slaves, cultivation, buildings, cattle, and other appurtenances thereto, belonging, all in conformity with certain acts duly signed and bearing date the 27th and 28 January, 1820 - to William Attwick Hamer and Henry Percy Hamer, the two other residuary legatees, under the will of the said Joseph Hamer, deceased.

  2. By the representative of William Ettwick Hamer and Henry Percy Hamer, residuary legatees under the will of their father Joseph Hamer, deceased, a mortage on the aforesaid plantation Eendragt and Mon Repos, now cultivated as one estate situate at aforesaid, together with all the slaves, cultivations, buildings, cattle, and other appurtenances, thereto belonging, in conformity of the aforesaid acts, bearing date the 27th and 28th January 1820 - in favour of John Gladstone, of Liverpool.

  3. By the representatiaves of William Remington, of London, Esquire, in his quality as surviving assignee in the estate and effects of Henry Nantes, merchant of London, the surviving partner of Richard Mullman and Co., transport of plantation Triumph, situated on the east sea coast of the river Demerara between the plantations Beeter Verwagting and Mon Repos, with all the buildings, cultivation, slaves and further apurtenances thereto belonging - to Spencer Mackay, of London, Esquire.

The Guiana Chronicle and Demerara Gazette, 03/07/1820 at http://www.mathewfamilytree.com/custom.html
[Number of enslaved people] 468(Tot) 235(F) 233(M)  
[Name] Endragt and Mon Repos  

In lawful possession of Fred. Cort, attorney of J. Wilson exon of Jos. Hamer

T71/418 2226-2237
[Number of enslaved people] 460(Tot) 236(F) 224(M)  
[Name] Endragt & Mon Repos  

Belonging to Endragt and Mon Repos in the lawful possession of C. Spencer [signed by Jno McAllister]

T71/429 371-382