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1835 →
[Compensation Records]


  1. Alex. Dalrymple and Frederick Hervey (sometimes given as Henry) Garraway were partners in Alex Dalrymple & Co., merchants of Roseau, Dominica at the time of compensation


  1. [Possible link] Partnership between Alex. Dalrymple and John Cobb Clowes in business of West India merchants on Island of Jamaica under style or firm Dalrymple, Clowes & Company and at Mitre Chambers No. 157 Fenchurch Street in London as Dalrymple & Clowes dissolved, carried on by John Cobb Clowes on his own account .This was probably the son of Alexander Dalrymple of Alex. Dalrymple & Co.


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  1. London Gazette 22550 24/9/1861 p. 3842