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1838 →
9 Union Court Old Broad Street [Pigot]


  1. The compensation records show Geo Rutherford and William Jegon as merchants of Union Court Old Broad Street, consistent with William Jegon's address at 9 Union Court Old Broad Street in the 1838 Pigot's and with George Rutherford's will [proved 4/9/1837 PROB 11/1884], and of Camomile Street.  No equivalent entry for the two men together at either address, or for either of them at Camomile Street, appears in the Trade Directories. A possibly unconnected George Rutherford is shown as a solicitor of 13 Lombard Street in the 1838 Pigots; and George Rutherford and John Kirkman dissolved their partnership at Cannon Street as solicitors 10/1/1837.  


  1. T71/1201 and T71/868, Portland No. 36 for the Union Court OBS address for the two men;  T71/1186 Clarendon No. 156 counterclaim shows them at Camomile Street; London Gazette 19456 10/1/1837 p. 79 for the dissolution of the legal partnership of Rutherford and Kirkman.