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  1. The interest of Hugh Bogle jun. in Bogle Harris of Macaraybo Colombia ceased December 31st last [1832]. Signed Frederick Harris in Macaraybo and by Archibald Bogle and James Bogle of Glasgow as executors of Hugh Bogle junior.

  2. Michael Scott, the novelist, was a partner in 'his father-in-law's firm, Bogle Harris & Co. of Glasgow and Bogle Douglas of Macaraibo' from the 1820s. Scott's father-in-law was Robert Bogle of Gilmorehill.

  3. Co-partnery of James Bogle deceased, John Douglas, Alex Macfarlan and James C. Mallach, trading at Glasgow under Bogle Douglas and at Melbourne under Macfarlan Bogle, dissolved by death of James Bogle 03/05/1855.

The relationship with Robert Bogle & co and Bogle King has yet to be fully worked through.


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