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1831 →
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1841 →
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  1. Withdrawal of T.C. H. Moore from partnership with Robert Semple, George Laing and James Laing of Robert Semple & Co. At New Amsterdam Berbice c. 1831.

  2. Dissolution of partnership subsisting at Liverpool and Berbice between Robert Semple, George Laing and James Laing by effluxion of time 31/12/1840

  3. I, the undersigned, Administrator-General of Berbice, do

hereby give notice, that I have taken possession of all the

property in this county belonging to Robert Semple, of

Liverpool, in the county of Lancaster, Merchant, eldest son

and heir-at-law, and also administrator, with the will and

codicil of his late father, Robert Semple, of Liverpool aforesaid,

Merchant, deceased, he, the said Robert Semple, being

absent from the colony, without having an Attorney or

Agent to represent him.

Berbice, this 2-lih day of September, 1855.

L. HOUSTON, Administrator-General of Berbice.


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