John Ashton Yates


Colonial Slavery



Letters to the right hon. William Huskisson, President of the Board of Trade, &c. &c. on the present condition of the slaves, and the means best adapted to promote the mitigation and final extinction of slavery in the British colonies

Contains 5 letters on the following:

Letter I: On the present treatment of the slaves in our colonies

Letter II: On the evils in their physical and moral condition

Letter III: The principles on which improvement should be founded

Letter IV: Outlines of proposed alterations, with explanatory remarks

Letter V: Answers to objections. and general observations

The Appendix includes statistical and descriptive material on: A: Returns of the slave population in the British islands / B: Census of the island of Cuba / C: Jamaica resolutions and address / D: Total slave population of the western world / E: Total slave population of the United States and Brazil / F: Purchase of the freedom of females and children / G: Comparative prices of slave and free labour / H: Employment of free negroes in slave countries / I: Treatment of slaves in the American states

The letters are written in answer to what Yates saw as the misleading allegations of the the anti-slavery camp.

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