James Bain




James Bain's son Alexander Bain, a barrister, died in Madras age 31, 25/03/1852.


Email from Daphne Phillips Diafas, 25/04/2013, sourced to Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 37 1852 and Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society Vols. 20-21. Also from Daphne sourced to Allen's Indian Mail, and Register of intelligence for British...volume 10 p. 293, 1852: "Mr. Alexander Bain, barrister of the Supreme Court, who expired at the Adyar, had powers which would have extorted respect in any walk of life, and he used them so as to win the affection of all with whom he was brought in contact. he could do more than the occasion demanded, be it never so exacting, and had always a reserve of knowledge in store at the end. No man had more friends, and he husbanded his stock as if it were perpetually in danger of running short. We only speak our share in the general esteem felt for him, and have tried to express with reference to it what is cherished by society at large. --Spectator."