Eliza Fraser (née Bellinger)

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Eliza Fraser née Bellinger, daughter of William Bellinger (q.v.) and wife of F.S. Fraser (q.v.), counterclaimed for two awards in St James, Jamaica: firstly, as heir to William Bellinger and secondly, as annuitant in the will of George Huie (q.v.). No sign has yet been found of Eliza Fraser, wife of F.S. Fraser in Edinburgh in the 1841 census nor of a death of Eliza Fraser née Bellinger in Scotland after 1855.

  1. A link between the Bellinger and Huie families is suggested by the christening of George Huie Bellinger in St James, Jamaica, 14/06/1822.

  2. A letter from Ann Huie (q.v.) to her nephew Alexander Smith, dated 19/07/1833 from Macduff, Scotland, contained a copy of a codicil to the will of George Huie which included a bequest of £100 Jamaican currency to Eliza Bellinger, daughter of William Bellinger of Montego Bay.


T71/874 Trelawny claim no. 210 (Duff House). T71/1592: Letter from Mrs Eliza Fraser [late Bellinger] Counterclaimant of Morningside, Edinburgh [Scotland] re this claim p. 197 and p. 317. T71/1608: steady correspondence from Eliza Fraser re process, seeking annuity, and also letters from W. Maconochie in pursuit of Eliza Fraser.

T71/873 St James claim no. 586. T71/1592 p 241 letter to F.S. Fraser Esq., Morningside, Edinburgh, replying to his enquiry [T71/1608 10/09/1835] as to counterclaims.

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  2. Unpublished letter of Ann Huie transcribed by Rod Coates, email 02/12/2016.

We are grateful to Rod Coates for his assistance with compiling this entry and particularly for providing details of Ann Huie's letters.

Further Information

Maiden Name
F. S. Fraser

Associated Claims (2)

£484 10s 1d
Unsuccessful claimant
£1,095 13s 8d
Unsuccessful claimant

Relationships (3)

Daughter → Father
Wife → Husband
Legatee → Testator

Addresses (1)

Morningside, Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland