Job Mathew Raikes

1767 - 1833


London merchant who had married Charlotte, the daughter of Nathaniel Bayly (q.v.) and who died in 1833. Raikes appears to have held a mortgage over the Bayly family estates, Roslin, Brimmer Hall, Trinity and Tryall, all in St Mary Jamaica, possibly as surviving executor of Nathaniel Bayly. The compensation was paid to Job Mathew Raikes's executors including Brice Pearse (q.v.) who had married Charlotte Raikes at Woodford in 1796, another son-in-law Edward Rose Tunno (q.v.) and Job Mathew Raikes' brother-in-law, the banker Isaac Currie (q.v.).

  1. Charles Raikes (1812-1885), Job Mathew's son, and writer on India, appears in the ODNB. He was also a committee member of the Eyre Defence Fund 1866. The 1857 uprising in India 'strengthened his belief that Indians needed to be ruled despotically': see his Notes on the Revolt in the North-Western Provinces (1858).

  2. Three of Raikes's children were born while he was resident at Theobalds Park, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, in 1810, 1812 and 1814. It's not clear how long he lived at Theobalds Park.

  3. Richard Mee Raikes (1784-1863) [Job Mathew's cousin], Governor of Bank of England 1833-4 but bankrupt 1834 died at Dover will proved 16/11/1863 by Jane (née Thornton), effects under £300.

  4. Job Mathew Raikes was one of the trustees and executors of the will of the slave-trader John Anderson, proved in 1808.


T71/856 St Mary claim nos. 262, 264, 265 & 266 (Tryall Estate). RBS holds the 'Papers of Job Matthew Raikes as executor of the estate of Nathaniel Bayly (1726-1798) West Indian Plantation Owner', GB 1502 CU/127 [accessed 10/10/2019].

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  3. National Probate Calendar 1863.

  4. Will of John Anderson of Philpot Lane proved 18/06/1808, PROB 11/1480/242.

Further Information

Charlotte Bayl[e]y, daughter of Nathaniel Bayl[e]y

Associated Claims (4)

£1,924 8s 10d
Other association
£5,151 3s 10d
Other association
£4,026 17s 7d
Other association
£4,278 17s 8d
Other association

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Previously mortgage holder, now deceased

1834 [EA] - → Other
1834 [EA] - → Other

Legacies Summary

Commercial (2)

Senior partner
W & T Raikes & Co.
General overseas merchant  
Name partner
Raikes & Co.

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Addresses (1)

Theobalds Park, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, South-east England, England