Thomas Dickson

1784 - 31st Mar 1857


Thomas Dickson (1784-1857), parochial schoolteacher, corresponded with the Compensation Commission with regards to ownership of enslaved persons on Virgin Valley estate, St James, Jamaica, although the nature of his involvement is unclear.

  1. Baptised 26/04/1784: "David Dickson Tenant in Hutton had a son baptised named Thomas Witnesses Mr Atchison + John Lyll Weaver." Married May Simpson at Chirnside, "both of this Parish", 28/09/1813.

  2. Living at Chirnside in the census of 1841 with David Dickson (age 26), Jane Dickson (age 23), Mary Dickson (age 19), Eliza Dickson (age 15), William Dickson (age 17), James Ormiston (age 26) and Alison Ormiston (age 21). Living at Chirnside in the census of 1851 with his wife Mary (age 58) and daughter Eliza (age 25). 1851 census give his place of birth as Hutton, Berwickshire.

  3. Died 31/03/1857 at Chirnside. Death certificate gives his parents as David Dickson, Farmer, and Alison Dickson née Heair [Keair?]. The informant of death was his brother Alexander Dickson.


T71/873 St James claim no. 172 (Virgin Valley). T71/1593 p. 341 letter dated 29/11/1836 to Thos Dickson, Churnside [sic], near Ayrton, Berwickshire.

  1. General Register Office for Scotland OPR Births 745 020 Hutton. General Register Office for Scotland OPR Marriages 730 020 Chirnside.

  2. 1841 census online; 1851 census online.

  3. General Register Office for Scotland Deaths 1857 730 007 Chirnside.

Further Information

May Simpson
Eliza (1826-)

Associated Claims (1)

£2,820 6s 3d
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Addresses (1)

Chirnside, Ayrton, Berwickshire, Southern Scotland, Scotland