Alexander Campbell Hunter

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Claimed unsuccessfully as executor and apparently creditor of James Allan Allan for the compensation for Mount Airy in St Andrew, Jamaica. Allan's widow Agnes Allan Allan also counterclaimed, but the compensation was paid to the London merchant Benjamin Joseph Trueman Nightingale (q.v.) as mortgagee.

  1. Alexander Campbell Hunter of the parish St George married Sarah Evans at St James Clerkenwell 01/02/1818. The couple had a number of children baptised at various parishes in London between 1823 and 1838, the last in Hoxton.


T71/865 St Andrew claim no. 208 (part) (Mount Airy).

24/04/1834 letter from CJJenkinson on behalf of Alexander Campbell Hunter one of executors under will of James Allan Allan: Hunter is a bond Creditor of Testator to the amount of one thousand pounds and resides in this country. T71/1607 indignant letter from A.C. Hunter: 3 Vine place Old Hoxton, dated 15/05/1837 expressing his 'surprise and mortification' at award: 'time after time I have waited in the Office below you in Gt George St exhibiting my letters of admin. and was always given to understand that nothing final could be decided without my presence or signature' 'a subject of such vital importance to my self and my family', 'an unaccountable and to me ruinous decision, I being the only individual instrumental in gaining possession of the Plantation after being deprived for upwards of 15 years and at the risk of my life in facing the climate of Jamaica leaving my wife and young family unprotected during my absence.' Reply T71/1594 p. 55-56 dated 17/05/1837 to Alexander Campbell Hunter, 3 Vine Place: we heard it in your absence, the award has been made.

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1832 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Trustee and Executor

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3 Vine Place, Old Hoxton, London, Middlesex, London, England