Philip William Skynner Miles

15th May 1816 - 1st Oct 1881

Immediate descendant of a claimant or beneficiary


  1. Eldest son of Philip John Miles and Clarissa Peach (2nd marriage).

    MP for Bristol 1837-1852. [Succeeded his father.]

    Inherited Kings Weston: see entry for Philip John Miles, Physical legacies.

    P. W. S. Miles financed the building of the railway and the docks at Avonmouth.

    1865 his son and heir Philip Napier Miles born: musician and composer and patron of music.

  2. Miles gave evidence to the Select Committee on Sugar and Coffee Planting in 1848. He included much detailed statistical data, included revenues and costs (1843-1846) for the following Jamaican estates: Hyde, Jamaica, Trelawny: see claims Jamaica, Trelawny 35 & 36; Glasgow, St James’s, Jamaica: see claim Jamaica St James 170 (Glasgow Estate); Content, Hanover, Jamaica: see claim Jamaica Hanover 35. (See pp. 234-5). He also gave revenues and costs (1845-1846) for the following estates in Trinidad: Upper Caroni, Trinidad; Felicité, Chaguanas Quarter, Trinidad: see claim Trinidad 1619A & B; Golden Grove, Trinidad: see claim Trinidad 1461. (See pp. 239-40)

His father, Philip John Miles, had been an awardee on Jamaica Trelawny 35 and Jamaica Trelawny 36; a counter-claimant on Jamaica Hanover 35; and an awardee on Trinidad 1619A & B.


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  2. House of Commons Select Committee on Sugar and Coffee Planting, 5th Report, PP1847-48 (206) XXIII Pt. II, pp. 230-62.

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Firm Investment
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28/02/1837: "Deed of Partnership - (1) Joseph Bell Clarke of Manchester, cotton manufacturer, William Edward Acraman, Alfred John Acraman, Philip William Skynner Miles, Thomas Kington, Peter Maze,...

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Bristol Academy for the Promotion of Fine Arts...... 

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Conservative (Protectionist) 
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Bristol Somerset
1837 - 1852
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House in Committee on the Sugar Duties' Bill
House of Commons

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Michael Hinton Castle's third wife Mary Helen Gordon was the sister of Catherine Gordon (1798-1869) who married Sir William Miles (1797-1878), brother of Philip William Skynner...
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Kings Weston House, Kings Weston Lane, Bristol, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England