Temperance Sophia Udny (née Fleming)

???? - 1854

Claimant or beneficiary


Temperance Sophia Udny, widow of George Udny (d. 1830) from whom she inherited Caliveny estate in Grenada.

  1. Temperance Sophia (daughter of Richard Fleming, attorney in India) married George Udny in Bengal, India, 29/11/1800. At least eight children were born to this couple in India: Ernest Augustus (born 05/09/1801), George (born 10/08/1802), Richard (baptised 29/11/1803), Charles Grant (born 11/08/1806), Frances Maria Nugent (born 08/11/1812); Archibauld Noah (born c. 1808, died 25/04/1828); and Temperance Sophia (who married Henry Thomas Raikes (q.v.) in Barrackpore, Bengal, 17/04/1830).

  2. The memorial insciption at Chichester Cathedral, Sussex, to Ernest Augustus Udney who died in Calcutta 16/05/1808 age 7 identifies his father as a member of the Supreme Council at Calcutta, his mother as Temperance Sophia Udny and Mrs Sarah Udny as his grandmother. In her memorial inscription, Sarah Udny who died 18/04/1811 age 69 was "relict of Ernest Udney Esqr. of Calaveny, in the Island of Grenada." Sarah Udny's memorial includes the verse: "Udny! How Few Thy Excellence Transcend / In Three Most Honor'd Names, Wife! Mother! Friend! / Now May'st Thou Glory in the Saviour's Sight / Whose Word Was Here Thy Guide, And Thy Delight!" She is shown reclining with a book open on her lap.

  3. Not proven but it is very likely that George Udny was a first cousin of the West India merchant Robert Fullerton Udny/Udney (1779-1861), both sharing the same paternal grandparents, James Udny and Jean Walker, who were married at St Nicholas, Aberdeen, 20/12/1716.

  4. No birth identified for Temperance Sophia Udny nor any known reason why she was in Bengal in 1800 (although cf. her father in 1 above). She wrote to Lord Glenelg on 11/08/1835 from 10 Upper Berkeley Street, Portman Square, London, "Being interested in the West India question as Proprietess of an Estate called Calaviny [sic but with the second 'a' dotted] in the Island of Grenada", asking when compensation would be paid as there were no counterclaims lodged.

  5. Death of Temperance Sophia Udny registered Q2 1854 Bath, Somerset.


T71/880 Grenada claim no. 447 (Caliveny).

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  2. "To the memory of Ernest Augustus Udney, son of George Udny Esqr. (Some Years one of the Supreme Council at Calcutta) and Temperance Sohpia his Wife. He died in this City May 16th 1808 aged seven years. Mrs Sarah Udney, his afflicted Grand mother erected his Monument as a public Testimony of her Affection for an amiable and most endearing child." "Sarah, relict of Ernest Udney Esqr. of Calaveny, in the Island of Grenada, died April 18th, 1811, aged 69 years." Both transcribed in James C. Brandow, Genealogies of Barbados families: from Caribbeana and the Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society (Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, 1983) Vol. 4 p. 38. Photograph of Ernest Augustus's memorial at http://carolineld.blogspot.co.uk/2009_02_01_archive.html [accessed 23/05/2012]; email from Helen Paul 12/06/2018 sourced to photo of the memorial.

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We are grateful to Peter Schofield for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Maiden Name
George Udny

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£7,972 14s 2d

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1830 [SY] - 1834 [LA] → Owner

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East India Company
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Her husband George Udny was a member of the Supreme Council at...

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Inferred by LBS. Wilhelmina Fleming married Mat[t]hew Law in Calcutta 12/09/1803; Temperance Sophia Fleming married George Udny in Bengal...

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Calcutta, India
10 Upper Berkeley Street, Portland Square, London, Middlesex, London, England