Charles De Bellot

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Charles De Bellot, awarded compensation for enslaved persons in Grenada in right of his wife and as executor of Francis and Madalaine Philip. Given also as C. de Bellot or Charles de Bellots.

  1. Charles De Bellot listed as resident in Grenada in a legal document of 1827.

  2. 'Interred 28/12/1842, Charles Joseph de Bellot, age 78. Baptised in Quebec in 1764. A Lieutenant of the Sixtieth Regiment of Foot in the British Army and came to Grenada with Abercromby in 1796. Married Anne Martine Philip of Vendome Estate and had three sons: Jean Baptiste Joseph de Bellot who went to Algiers; Francois Antoine de Bellot ‘La Housay and Henry de Bellot “Ramsay”'

  3. 'Interred 12/09/1858, Anne Martine (nee Philip) widow of Charles Joseph de Bellot age 74. Died at Vendome Estate. She had two sisters: Josephine Philip and Madeleine Vigier Philip who willed her third share of Vendome Estate to the three sons of her sister, Anne Martine nee Philip.'

  4. Charles Joseph De Bellot was a Lieutenant in the 60th Regiment of Foot, 30/12/1797.


T71/880: Grenada claim nos. 359, 437 (Bellevue Estate) and 438 (Vendome Estate), nos. 565 and 684.

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  2. Email from Gerard Besson, 12/10/2018.

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  4. A List of the Officers of the Army and of the Corps of Royal Marines (London, 1835) p. 444.

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£106 12s 11d
£903 1s 1d
£1,266 0s 0d
£3,373 2s 8d
£3,333 11s 6d

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