Catherine Prentice

30th Jun 1817 - 25th Dec 1900

Claimant or beneficiary


Catherine Prentice, owner of enslaved persons in Barbados, the compensation for whom was awarded to her mother Eliza Prentice (q.v.) as her guardian. Sister of Georgiana Prentice (q.v.).

  1. Online family trees show Catherine Anne Prentice, born 30/06/1817 in Newry, Co. Down, Ireland, to George Prentice and his wife Eliza Jane née Kidd. She had 2 siblings: Thomas Augustus (born 08/03/1815 in Newry) and Georgina (born 12/08/1819 in Armagh, Co. Armagh). George Prentice died 18/06/1830 in Barbados.

  2. Catherine Anne Prentice married Joseph Edward Addison, a Captain in the Army, at some point before 1851. By 1851 they were living at the District Royal Military Asylum for Children of Soliders of the Regular Army in Chelsea. Joseph was age 29, "Adjutant + Secy of Institution" and Katherine A. was age 33, born Ireland. Catherine's sister Georgina Anderson née Prentice, age 31, was a visiting them when the census took place. In 1861 they had moved to 4 Cambridge Villas, Park Road, Richmond, Surrey and had an 8 year old daughter, Georgina C., born in Chelsea. Joseph was "Lieut. Col. H.M. Service Half Pay". By 1871 they had moved to the Lieut. Governor's House, Sandhurst, Berkshire, where Joseph was "Colonel in Army" and their household included a French Governess and 3 other servants. In 1881 they were at The Cottage, Backwater Road, Yateley, Hampshire, with Katherine A. listed as age 63, born in Jonesborough, Co. Down, Ireland.

  3. 'Captain Joseph Edward Addison half-pay 97th Foot, Deputy Assistant-Adjutant-General, to be Major in the Army. Dated 16th February 1855.'

  4. 'Will of Joseph Edward Addison formerly of Yately in the County of Southampton but late of Le Basset Clarens in the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland a General Officer in Her Majesty's Army who died 17 November 1890 at Le Basset was proved at the Principal Registry by Catherine Anne Addison of Le Basset Widow the Relict the sole Executrix. Personal Esate £7,920 6s 9d.'

  5. Addison, Catherine Anne of 14 Beacon Exmouth, Devonshire, widow, died 25/12/1900. Probate London 31/01/1901 to Georgina Caroline Elizabeth Addison spinster. Effects £595 18s 9d.'


T71/897 Barbados claim no. 2515.

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Further Information

Joseph Edward Addison
Georgina Caroline Elizabeth (1852-)

Associated Claims (1)

£19 8s 4d

Relationships (2)

Daughter → Mother

Addresses (8)

Le Basset, Vaud, Switzerland
Newry, Co. Down, Ireland
14 Beacon, Exmouth, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England
4 Cambridge Villas, Park Road, Richmond, Surrey, London, England
Lieut. Governor's House, Sandhurst, Berkshire, Central England, England
Royal Military Asylum for Children of Soldiers of the Regular Army, Chelsea, London, Middlesex, London, England
The Cottage, Backwater Road, Yateley, Hampshire, Wessex, England