Richard Dick

???? - 15th Sep 1836

Claimant or beneficiary


Owner of Orange Park estate in St David, Jamaica. Resident in St David, but possibly back in Scotland by 1834. Brother of John Dick (q.v.).

  1. Magistrate in St Thomas-in-the-East and St David, Jamaica, in 1824.

  2. Death "At sea, on the 15th September [1836], Richard Dick. Esq. M.D. Orange Park, Jamaica, and late St Bernard's Crescent Edinburgh."

  3. The will of Richard Dick Doctor of Medicine of 7 St Bernards Crescent near Edinburgh made in 1834 and proved in 31/01/1837 shows John Dick advocate as his brother and as his residuary legatee after annuities of £200 p.a. to Richard's wife and of lower amounts to other dependents, but does not explicitly identify any property in Jamaica.


T71/866 St David claim no. 90 (Orange Park). T71/1608 letter dated 11/09/1835 from John Dick, 6 Middleby Street, Edinburgh, re Orange Park estate, as attorney to his brother Richard Dick.

  1. Jamaica Almanac (1824).

  2. Fife Herald 08/12/1836.

  3. PROB 11/1871/126.

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£3,239 10s 2d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

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