Sarah Burt (née Gascoyne)

1763 - 1845

Claimant or beneficiary


One of the beneficiaries of a trust for the Gascoyne family, to the trustees of which was paid 3/4 of the compensation for the Seven Plantations estate in Clarendon Jamaica, and sister Mary Gascoyne (q.v.).

  1. Rev. Robert Burt, chaplain in ordinary to the Prince of Wales, married Miss Gascoyne of Sunbury in 1786. Burt was the son of Charles Pym Burt of St Christopher's West Indies, matriculated Trinity Cambridge 1772, officiated at the marriage of the Prince of Wales with Mrs Fitzherbert in 1785, Vicar of Twickenham 1788-1791, and died 17/10/1791 aged 35 at Twickenham. Robert Gascoyne Burt (c. 1792-1875) was the son (possibly posthumous) of Rev. Robert Burt, and like his father was Rector of St Mary's Hoo between 1816 and 1875.

  2. Sarah Burt of Twickenham was buried aged 82 at Twickenham 8/11/1845. Will of Sarah Burt of Twickenham Middlesex 10/12/1845. She left her house in Twickenham to her sister Mary Gascoyne (q.v.). She was described as the eldest daughter of John Gascoyne of Westbury in Essex in a transcription of the memorial tomb of Robert Burt, which also says of his wife 'by whom he had three children, one of which was posthumous'. Daniel Lyson Environs of London however describes her - we believe correctly - as the 'eldest daughter of the late Joseph Gascoyne Esq.'


T71/859 Clarendon 410A, B & C

  1. Gentleman's Magazine Vol. 59, Part 1, 1786, p. 528; CCEd Person ID 1693 (Robert Burt) and 1694 (Robert Gascoyne Burt). Vere Langford Oliver, History of Antigua Vol. I p. 88 does not show Robert as a son of Charles Pym Burt, but the will of Charles Pym Burt proved in 1788 [PROB 11/1168/332] shows William Pym Burt, Robert Burt, Charles Burt and Catherine Math. Burt as the children of his first marriage with Catherine Wood [whom Oliver also does not show].

  2., London, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1980 [database online]; PROB 11/2027; Edward Ironside, The history and antiquities of Twickenham, being the first part of parochial collections for the county of Middlesex (London, John Nichols: 1797) [No. 6 of Miscellaneous Antiquities] p. 68; Daniel Lyson The Environs of London Vol. 3 (pp. 558-604) available at [accessed 16/7/2012].

Further Information

Maiden Name
Rev. Robert Burt
Rev. Robert Gascoyne Burt

Associated Claims (1)

£5,849 6s 10d

Associated Estates (1)

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1833 [SY] - → Tenant-in-common

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Charles was married to Sarah's niece Sarah...
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Sarah Chandler was married to Sarah Burt's uncle George Chandler...
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William was married to Sarah's niece Mary Harriot...
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Twickenham, Surrey, South-east England, England